Audit & Assurance

UHY Arab Auditors firm provide independent audit services designed to enhance the reliability of information prepared by clients for use by investors, creditors and other stakeholders ,  and that meet local and international statutory and regulatory requirements. We are here to create optimum solutions designed to meet your specific needs, wherever in the world your business happens to take you.
We design a customized audit plan that concentrates on the business areas significant to your financial statements and that are critical to your risk profile.

The result is not only an efficient audit — it is also one that we believe will be effective. Our early identification of business and control vulnerabilities and opportunities makes it possible for us to focus our audit effort on those areas of greatest risk.

Our audit ,documentation approach and technology tools enable our professionals to deliver a consistent, high-quality audit anywhere in the world.
In addition to Statutory audit and review of annual financial statements ,audit services include a range of other forms of attestation reports:


Our audit include providing our clients with any note come to our knowledge during the process of our audit that needs their action, and we normaly discuss with our clients such notes and how they could affect their buisness and what are the recomendations to avoid such risks.

UHY Arab Auditors teams with the professional background and the experience gained through the past decades are able to plan their audit work and study the internal control of their clients in way ableing them to determin the risk area were matrial misstaements including fraude could be minimized and carry out the audit accordingly.

We focus on keeping  our staff up-to-date with all changes in standards and laws that are relate to our profession, as we we beleive this is the key to continue serving our clients with high quality and applying the highest standards of professional integrity, objectivity, independence and technical excellence to our activities.