Financial Advisory and Consulting Advisory

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UHY Arab Auditors consultants can help you to plan, grow and structure your business to address key issues such as strategy, technology and change management. With our unique, collaborative approach, we offer not only industry and functional business performance knowledge, but also the insight of others through our consulting alliances as well as UHY Arab Auditors’s proprietary methodologies and analytical tools which enable our clients to run their businesses more effectively and efficiently.

UHY Arab Auditors grew big by remembering to take account of every small detail of its clients’ needs. The consulting services concentrate on the detailed requirements of local business. We work closely with clients to improve business performance, drive value and create a competitive, sustainable advantage, regardless of where in the world your business is located.

Financial Advisory

Our professionals provide the highest quality financial advice and execution expertise, delivering integrated solutions to clients .


We combine deep industry knowledge with unparalleled technical expertise to consistently deliver effective, market leading advice.

Corporate finance advisory services
Advising you with your strategic and transactional objectives, whether buying or selling a business or investment, or seeking funding via debt and equity finance, both privately and via public markets.  Our eminent expertise also extends to business modelling and Islamic finance advisory.

Reorganization services
We provide market leading advisory and support services on maximizing recoveries, improving financial performance and resolving structural and financing issues.

We provide you with robust business valuation advice that will stand up to scrutiny; our informed expert judgement being underpinned by deep industry sector knowledge.

Our staff is drawn from a wide range of backgrounds and includes not only accountants but also lawyers, computer forensics specialists, and law enforcement specialists.

Forensic Accounting
Operating in an increasingly complex environment, law firms understand a qualified financial services firm is a critical component of the litigation process and in developing a successful strategy. uhy member firms offer an excellent choice for businesses that require professional resources and responsive, knowledgeable help.

Forensic accounting is a specialised function requiring highly-trained and capable practitioners who utilise an understanding of business information and financial reporting systems, accounting and auditing standards and procedures, evidence gathering and investigative techniques, and litigation processes and procedures to perform their work. Forensic accountants are also increasingly playing more proactive risk reduction roles by designing and performing extended procedures as part of the statutory audit, acting as advisors to audit committees, and assisting in investment analyst research.

Business Solutions
Our clients frequently turn to us for advice on various aspects of running their businesses. As experienced business advisors we are often asked to help with such issues as:

Expanding your operations abroad is a big step. uhy member firms have specialised local know-how and are ideally equipped to help your business meet the challenges of business abroad. Our experts can advise you on:

Whatever the issue, Uhy member firms can evaluate the various implications with you and recommend the best possible solutions for your business.